Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the Botanical Name of Neem Tree?

Botanical Name of Neem Tree is Azadirachta indica A. Juss, also know as Margosa in common English.

Q2. Why Neem is getting so popular in Agrochemical all of a sudden?

Today world is looking for an alternative to chemical pesticides due to its long lasting hazardous effects on human health and environment. Organic farming is a corrective action towards this. Neem have been used in India from ancient times as organic pesticide because it is bio-degradeable, non-toxic and safe to humans & to non target organisoms. It regenerates soil power and increases its productivity. So Neem is proving to be the most ideal natural or organic pesticides for Organic Farming.

Q3. What is Azadirachtin?

Azadirachtin is the most prominent constituent of a series of limonoids(tetranortriterpenoids) present in the seed kernels of neem. It is known to affect over 600 species of insect by affecting growth, developement, behaviour, reprodcutionm and metamorphosis. It acts as antifeedant, oviposition deterrent and growth regulator. Azadirachtin is biodegradable and is safe to mammals.

Q4. How to ensure that you are buying quality Neem Oil?

We manufacture Neem Oil as per BIS Standards that meets quality requirements as IS 4765-1975. Our Neem Oil is free from Aflatoxin(B1, G1, B2, G2). We provide individual test reports with every batch. Our Neem Oil is organic certified from SGS.

Q5. What is cold pressed Neem Oil? How is it superior to ordinary Neem Oil?

Cold Pressed Neem Oil: It is mechanically extracted Neem Kernel Oil without using any chemical solvents that preserves many vital organic chemical and ingredients.

It contains high Azadirachtin content upto 2500 ppm. It is double filtered after extraction to remove any suspended materials.

Q6. Neem Oil is unpleasent to smell, do you have any solution?

Yes! We do have an option to mask the unpleseant smell of Neem Oil. We offer Neem Oil with refreshing aroma of various natural essential oil. Please contact us to know more.

Q7. Why pests and insects are not resistant to Neem Oil & Insecticide?

Our Neem Oil contains multiple active ingredient in different concentration that act simultaneously; mainly Azadirachtin, thus make development of resistance virtually impossible for pests and insects.

Q8. How neem pesticides are better than chemical pesticide?

Neem Oil based pesticides scores over chemical pesticides in many ways. Few of them are:

Resistance: Pest and Insects can not develop resistance again neem based pesticides.
Ecofriendly: Neem based pesticides are eco friendly as compared to their counter part chemical pesticides.
No residue: Neem Oil based pesticide are residue free.
MHI 3 Days: Neem based pesticides have MHI of just three days.
Economical: Contrary to belief, this organic pesticide are very ecnomical.
Effective: Chemical Pesticides fails on egg, where neem pesticides are very effective on eggs of harmful pests.
Broad Spectrum: Neem Oil based pesticides are effective against more than 600 types of insects and pests.

Q9. What do you mean by ‘broad spectrum’?

The term broad spectrum refers to activity against a wide range of pests, diseases, fungus, nematodes, etc. of Neem Oil and Neem Oil based Pesticides. This is in contrast to a narrow-spectrum pesticides which are effective only targeted pests.

Q10. How Ozoneem Products are better than other neem brands?

Ozoneem products are manufactured under the surveillance of qualified staff following Good Manufacturing Practice(GMP). Every batch of product is checked and certified before dispatch by inhouse laboratory with proper equipments as per prescribed standards. Quality of our products and manufacturing practices are certified by various concern authorities.