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Karanja Oil

Karanja Oil (Cold-Pressed)

Karanja Oil, derived from the seeds of the Karanja Tree (Pongamia glabra), is a versatile botanical extract widely utilized in agriculture and pharmacy. With its pale yellow hue and viscous consistency, this oil has been a staple in traditional Indian medicine for its medicinal, antiseptic, and insecticidal properties. Its applications extend to pet care, serving as a remedy for fleas, mange, and scabies. In agriculture, it stands as a natural pest repellent, combating a variety of pests. Additionally, Karanja Oil finds its place in skincare, addressing concerns such as eczema, psoriasis, skin ulcers, and dandruff.

Extracted through meticulous processes to ensure purity and potency, our Karanja Oil retains all the beneficial properties inherent to the seeds of the Karanja tree. With its organic composition and eco-friendly production methods, Ozone Biotech’s Karanja Oil emerges as a sustainable choice for farmers seeking effective pest control solutions and health enthusiasts pursuing natural remedies. Harness the power of nature with Ozone Biotech’s Karanja Oil, your trusted companion for holistic agriculture and personal care needs.

Why Karanja Oil?

  • Organic Pest Control: Karanja Oil acts as a potent organic pesticide, effectively repelling harmful insects while being gentle on your crops and the environment.
  • Nutrient-Rich Soil: When used in agriculture, Karanja Oil enriches the soil with essential nutrients, promoting healthier plant growth and improved crop yield.
  • Natural Antiseptic Properties: Its antiseptic properties help in preventing and treating fungal infections in plants, ensuring their overall well-being.
  • Pet Care: Karanja Oil serves as a natural solution for pet care, offering relief from skin ailments and promoting a healthy coat for your furry companions.
  • Versatile Benefits: From protecting crops to enhancing skin health, Karanja Oil is a versatile solution with countless applications, making it a valuable addition to any agricultural or personal care regimen.


  • Cold-Pressed and Double-Filtered: Our Karanja Oil undergoes a meticulous cold-pressing and double-filtering process, guaranteeing unparalleled purity and supreme quality. This ensures that every drop of our oil is free from impurities and retains its natural goodness, making it a reliable choice for various applications.
  • Aflatoxin-Free: Rest assured, our Karanja Oil is rigorously tested and certified free from Aflatoxin B1, B2, G1, and G2 – known carcinogens. This commitment to safety and quality ensures that our oil is not only beneficial for your crops and personal care needs but also safe for you and your loved ones.
  • Mild and Versatile Aroma: With its mild and versatile aroma, our Karanja Oil finds widespread use in cosmetics, including soap making, lotions, hair oils, and shampoos. Its subtle fragrance adds a touch of natural freshness to your skincare and hair care routines, elevating your experience with every use.


Foliar Spray:

Dilute Karanja Oil with water as per recommended ratios and spray directly onto the foliage, ensuring thorough coverage.

Soil Drenching:

Mix Karanja Oil with water and apply it to the soil around the base of plants to nourish the roots and protect against soil-borne pests and diseases.

Pet Care:

Apply Karanja Oil topically to your pet’s skin or fur to alleviate itching, inflammation, and other skin conditions.

Mode of Action

Acaricidal and Insecticidal Properties: Karanja Oil, enriched with Karanjin, acts as both an acaricide and insecticide. Karanja disrupts vital biological processes in pests, leading to their elimination. It provides comprehensive protection against a wide range of agricultural pests.

Nitrification Inhibition: Karanja Oil exhibits nitrification inhibitory helps in preserving soil nutrients by hindering the conversion of ammonia into nitrates. It promotes sustainable soil health and fertility, contributing to long-term agricultural sustainability.


Our Karanja Oil comes in eco-friendly packaging, ensuring its purity and freshness are preserved until it reaches your doorstep. Available in various quantities to suit your needs, our packaging is designed with convenience and sustainability in mind.


  • Tomatoes
  • Peppers
  • Apple
  • Oranges
  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • Maize
  • Tea
  • Coffee


  • Aphids
  • Beetles
  • Caterpillars
  • Flies
  • Mosquitoes
  • Moths
  • Mites

Frequently asked questions

Is Karanja Oil safe for organic farming?

Yes, Karanja Oil is a natural and organic solution suitable for use in organic farming practices.

Can Karanja Oil be used on all types of crops?

Yes, Karanja Oil is safe to use on a wide range of crops, including fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants.

How often should Karanja Oil be applied to crops?

Application frequency may vary depending on factors such as crop type, pest pressure, and weather conditions. Refer to the product label for specific instructions.

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