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Karanja Oil is extracted from seeds of Karanja Tree (Pongamia glabra) which is commonly found in India. Karanja Oil is used in agriculture and pharmacy just like neem oil. It has similar insecticidal properties as neem oil and acts against a number of pests and insects.

It is pale yellow in colour and viscous. It is known for its medicinal and antiseptic properties for centuries in its naive India. it is often used in pet care for the treatment of fleas, mange and scabies. As it has insecticidal properties it is great for agriculture use serving as a natural pest repellent. It is also used for skin care purposes and can be used to treat eczema, psoriasis, skin ulcers, dandruff.

It also shows therapeutic effects similar to neem oil but its aroma is different from it. It has a milder and more versatile aroma and thus is commonly used in cosmetics for soap making, lotions, hair oils, shampoos.

It is prepared by Cold Pressed Technology and Double Filtered pure oil derived from supreme quality pongam seeds.Karanja Oil is manufactured and tested that is free from Aflotoxin B1, B2, G1 and G2 which are carcinogenic and toxic.

Karanjin is the main active ingredient of Karanja Oil. It acts as an acaricide and insecticide. Karanjin also have nitrification inhibitory properties.