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US EPA Reg. No. 89820-1

We are the first company in North India to have US-EPA registration for Azadirachtin Technical (Ozoneem® Aza Technical).

Azadirachtin Technical or generally Neem Extract is most potent tetranotriterpenoid isolated from neem seed. It is yellowish powder that contains Azadirachtin(A & B) and its isomers that are key active component of Neem and possesses powerful insecticidal properties.

Azadirachtin Technical powder is a manufacturing use product (MUP) and is used for making end products (Neem Insecticides) for the management of agriculturally important pests, after extracting neem oil.

Why Azadirachtin technical is the best choice for making Insecticides/ pesticides?
  1. 1. It is most potent insect repellent, antifeedant and an insect growth regulator and it affects more than 600 species of insects.
  2. 2. Insects can’t develop resistance for Azadirachtin.
  3. 3. It is completely safe for non targeted insects like honey bees & butterflies and also safe for mammals like human beings.
  4. 4. Pesticides containing Azadirachtin are versatile; bio-degradable; leaves no residue hence safe for environment.
  5. 5. It provides a broad- spectrum pest control for fruits, vegetables and plantation crops, greenhouses, turf, outdoor ornamentals and agricultural crops such as sugarcane, paddy, cotton and tea.

US EPA Reg. No. 89820-1

We are the first company in North India to have US-EPA registration for Azadirachtin Technical (Ozoneem® Aza Technical).

Ozoneem Aza is our global brand name for Azadirachtin Technical powder. It is a light brown powder that contains 20% ± 5% Azadirachtin content.


Chemical Name Azadirachtin A ( 11% - 20%)
Azadirachtin B ( 4% - 5%)
Other neem based Limonoids ( 85% - 75%)
Chemical Class Tetranotriterpenoid
Molecular Weight 720 (Aza A) 662 (Aza B)
Empirical Formulae C35 H44O16 (Aza A) C33 H42 O14 ( Aza B)
Physical State Light brown free flowing powder


It acts as a broad spectrum biopesticide controlling a large number of insect including caterpillars, beetles, whiteflies, leafhoppers, aphids, mites, thrips, borer, mealy bug, leaf folders and many more.


It is stable at cool temperature in the absence of water & light. It is found to be stable in some organic solvents for at least twelve months under ambient conditions.


  1. 1. Crop pest control formulations.
  2. 2. Veterinary pest control products.
  3. 3. Hygiene products - shampoo's, sprays, Cream
  4. 4. Textile protection formulations.
  5. 5. Household pest control formulations.


In insects,it exhibits various behavioural responses such as Antifeedant. Feeding Deterrent, Oviposition Deterrent etc., and physiological responses such as Insect Growth Regulator, Molting inhibitor, Reproduction inhibitor, Antifertility etc.


It is non- toxic to Rats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs. It has no significant effect on birds. it is non- toxic at recommended rates to aquatic organisms. Also it is relatively harmless to non- target and beneficial organisms.


Treat symptomatically. Wash contaminated skin & clothes. If swallowed contact the physician.