NoTermites - Anti Termite Organic Solution

NoTermites - Anti Termite Treatment

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NoTermites is a special organic anti termite treatment for control of termites & wood borers. It can be used in agricultural fields, household gardens, termite infected plants & trees.

  • 1. No. Foul Odour
  • 2. Safe for human & animals
  • 3. Pure Boatanical Product.

Uses and Dosagese
1. For terrace gardens, kitchen gardens, agricultural fields.

Use 4% solution (4ml in 1 liter of water) for saturating the soil on 2 consecutive days before plantation.

2. For termite infected plants or trees.

Use 5% solution (5ml in 1 liter of water) for saturing the roots. Termite infected trunks, branches and leaves should be sprayed with the same solution on 2 consecutive days.

3. For highly termite infected housing sites

Holes measuring 75mm- in diameter, 1 meter deep, 1meter center in both direction on the entire construction site should be made and saturated with 5% solution (5 ml in 1 L of water) on 3 consecutive days.