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  • About us --------------------------About Ozone Biotech Company
  • Products---------------------------For Neem based Products list
    • Neem Oil------------------------For Cold Pressed Neem Oil
    • Neem Pesticide-------------------For Neem Based Insecticides
    • Neem Extract--------------------Azadirachtin Technical Powder
    • Neem Cake----------------------Neem Based Organic Manure
    • Bollout--------------------------Neem Insecticide especially for Bollworms
    • Bug Buster-----------------------To Control Mealy Bugs
    • Ozomite-------------------------To Control Various Mites
    • NoTermites----------------------To Knock Down Termites
    • Karanja Oil-----------------------Cold Pressed Karanja Oil
    • Karanja Cake---------------------Organic Manure of karanja Seed
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